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We offer a wide array of services focusing on empowerment and social inclusion.

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Empowerment Workshops for Women and Tribal Communities

Join our workshops for empowerment and community building.

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Awareness Campaigns for Tribal Rights

Support our campaigns for social inclusion and equity.

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Empowering Communities with Resources

Help us empower communities with access to resources.

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Building Capacity for Tribal Communities

Invest in capacity building for tribal communities.

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Encouraging Collective Action for Change

Join us in promoting collective action for social change.

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Building Strong Communities Together

Be a part of our community building efforts.

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  • Women Empowerment Programs
  • Tribal Rights Advocacy
  • Community Building Workshops
  • Capacity Building Initiatives
  • Resource Empowerment Projects
  • Collective Action Campaigns


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Gram Mitra is a beacon of hope for tribal communities, empowering them to stand up for their rights.
Sara K.
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I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of Gram Mitra’s initiatives on women’s empowerment.
John D.
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The dedication of Gram Mitra in fostering social inclusion and equity is truly commendable.
Emily P.
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Find out how you can contribute to our mission through collective action and social inclusion efforts.

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